Pirates and mermaids

24 Giugno 2013


On the first day we tutors grouped the kids into teams with themed names, the starfish, the pirates, the sharks and the jellyfish. The overall theme of the camp is the Seven Seas, so many of our activities and games use fun themed vocabulary; pirates, mermaids etc.  This means they learn English vocabulary as well as getting competitive! The kids compete with each other in their teams, winning points on a chart by the Aula Magna! At the end of each week the team with the most points will get a prize!

On the 2nd day of camp the tutors sang songs all about animals! We held a Jeopardy Quiz Show with the kids, asking each team questions about the camp, animals, and their tutors. The winners were the Starfish and Jellyfish teams!

On Wednesday the kids learnt about clothes and descriptions, so we held a Fashion Show! The themed costumes that the kids brought in and made with the tutors in class were fantastic!

On Thursday our focus is on abilities and verbs, for example: I can play the guitar, I can dance to music etc. We are having a talent show in the afternoon when the kids will have the chance to show off their talents including juggling, magic and playing an instrument!

Friday is the Art Competition, where the kids’ art will be judged – but there can only be one winner per class! The winning art from each class will be displayed in the Aula Magna to be judged by the whole camp, and the overall winner will get a prize!  Also Friday is Family Fun day, where the parents are invited to come and have a taste of English camp! From 3.15 till 4.15pm all parents are welcome to come and play and sing with us!

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