English in our Primary School

3 Maggio 2021

Good morning!

(It’s always a good morning when you are a child and you’re in school!)

This is your English class today, at the Primary School Istituto Sociale.

As you’re in first grade, one of your English teachers is Laura.

Today she has prepared something special to make you understand how emotions and feelings work, she will read for you the book “The Colours Monster” and you’ll be marking the class “emotion meter” to share your moods and feelings making sure that everybody can be listened to.

Are you ready to remember the new vocabulary?

With all those pictures, it’ll be easy!

After that you can continue learning with Teacher Katherine who is ready to let you see all the colours that are around you in all moments of your life.

And you will have great fun remembering and repeating all that you’ve learned with the help of your classmates.


Teacher Laura, in case you’re a second grader, will introduce to you the idea that you’re special just the way you are, and the story of



“The Mixed Up Chameleon” can give you a hand to do exactly that.






It’s Teacher Katherine who will show you, in third grade, how wonderful the world around us is during your Science English classes, when you will continue learning with super interesting activities such as the Pond Project.

In great Show-and-Tell moments you will demonstrate that you can talk about your project in front of the class and answer your mates’ questions.

This big achievement will give you great confidence and boost your fluency!


In case you were a fourth grader, instead, you’d be doing some really important reading with Teacher Martina, and why not start with a book such as “Malala’s Magic Pencil”?

Through the story of Malala, the young education activist from Pakistan, with the help of your teacher, you will learn about the most important children’s rights and create a class Padlet, sharing your ideas on how to improve the world and make it better for all the children around the globe!


Have you ever asked yourself how hot-air balloons actually fly, or how many continents there are on Earth? These are the types of questions you learn to answer in grade four in your Science and Geo English classes with Mrs Anna, while in the Conversation hours you’ll realize wonderful maps of the many stories you’ll read with your classmates, so that retelling them, in your own words, will be easy and great fun!


When you are in your last year of primary school, all that English that you’ve heard, spoken, used, had fun with, will be perfected in Teacher Martina’s classes and then it will take you around the world with Mrs Anna, experiencing Science and taking a good look around yourself in your Geography classes, using your second language to consider how varied and imperfect this planet of ours actually is!

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