English/history in 4th grade: creative sarcophagi

14 Dicembre 2020
Inspired by a British Council video about ancient Egypt and introducing the reading of “Mummies in the Morning”, the pupils of 4°A and 4°B were asked to use their creativity to make sarcophagi and mummies.
In order to activate their ability to reuse objects made of different materials, the instructions were to recycle old boxes or objects they could find in the house to make a sarcophagus with a mummy inside, but plastic was forbidden!
Their creativity went wild and produced wonderful artifacts that were worth sharing. To all this, they will relate while reading in class a story from the “Magic Tree House” series, and they are likely to remember this activity when learning all about the Egyptian history in Italian, as children are more likely to remember skills and concepts they have learned by doing things that are meaningful to them.

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